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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 70 of CLX

Yesterday was Day 70 of CLX... Lean Phase 2. This is my second week of the last phase of CLX... so only about 2.5 weeks left till I complete the program. What really upset me is the fact that I know I didn't give it my full effort. In other words, I didn't push myself to the limit I could take it to. This past week I upped all my weights by 2.5 lbs. and have been able to lift with proper form all the way up to the 12th rep. In the second phase of CLX, you are suppose to lift heavy and max out at 6 - 8 reps... well I'm using the same amount of weights in the third phase where you're suppose to lift and fatigue at 10 - 12 reps. Now I know I haven't gotten that much stronger, I think I just wasn't "bringing it" (to speak in P90X terms) earlier in the program. True, I've never missed a workout, not even one, and nutrition wise I didn't stick to a particular plan, just ate like I have been for the past several months while I was trying to lose weight. This means a daily caloric intake of about 1200 - 1500 calories.

But thinking back, I don't think I knew at the time I wasn't lifting heavy enough. For the last couple of weeks, I've been super excited to start P90X, which is why I think I really brought it this week, but I think that has been my downfall for the CLX program as well. I bought P90X back in December but put off doing it because CLX came out and I wanted to lose more weight before starting P90X. Plus, I knew starting out with the CLX program would be a good intro into the P90X world. Anyway, I think I started CLX only half-hearted because of this program switch. All in all, my results with CLX have still been good, not great, but that's no one's fault but my own:

On the advice of several other P90X'ers, I'm going to try and keep my daily caloric intake to about 1200 - 1500 calories but incorporate a ton more nutritious, clean, whole foods to keep my energy levels high so I can really give it my all when I start the program. Scheduled start date for P90X is May 7, 2009... so about three and a half more weeks before I B-R-I-N-G I-T!!!


Christina said...

In my opinion, I think you should be eating more actually (who knew??!!)... According to the nutrition plan we got with P90X, during the Fat Shredder phase you should be consuming 1800-2399 calories depending on what your weight is. This will keep your body from taking away the nutrients your muscles need to build to ultimately shed the pounds. Maybe you actually have't had the energy to up the weights and you just thought you were doggin' it. I don't know if I'm making any sense but my husband and I followed their nutrition plan to the letter and we both hit our goal weights while putting on lean muscle. Anyway, your results have been GREAT so far and I know you'll love P90X!!!

Anonymous said...

Lianne - I finally figured out how to receive RSS in my mail box every time you post a blog! :) I feel so "tech savvy" now!

I think you have a great mindset and it is fun to watch you blossom through this process!

As far as calorie intake - I am guessing you are eating back you exercise calories and that the 1200-1500 was a NET calculation.

Jayhawksfan :)

Annie said...

Christina and Jay - I think you're both correct, and yes, the 1200 - 1500 calories is NET so I am actually eating about 1500 - 1800 calories. When I start P90X, I am going to follow the P90X nutrition plan but I'm pretty sure I'll need to readjust with the eating as I have to with every plan. It seems like I really do need less cals than suggested for a lot of programs. But we'll see. I'll adjust to how I feel and I think upping the cals will make a difference in my energy levels.


Alissa said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm really intrigued by ChaLean Extreme, so I'm going to have to read about your experience. fun!

Missresa said...

WOW!!! What an incredible difference!!! You look terrific, and I can't wait to see what P90X will bring you!!!

Jen said...

Hey Annie!
Welcome to the P90X world! (yes, we do tend to live in our own little world where we speak P90X-termonology) ha ha..you'll hear us say "bring it" and "just keep pushing play" and "do your best and forget the rest"...but that's because that is what gets us through every day! You are determined and you are doing great! Keep up your hard with with CLE and P90X will flow right into your routine. It's tough, there's no 2 ways about it...but you sound like just the kind of girl who gets the job done! I'm excited to help encourage you on your journey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!