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Thursday, April 30, 2009

P90X Day 14 and 15/90: Kenpo, Chest and Back and ARX

Start of week three and I am upset!

First off, I didn't do Kenpo last night and instead went for a 6 mile run with my boyfriend and my dog. But today is what really upset me... I felt like I wasn't pushing myself the past two weeks so I MADE myself push harder. I had a complete mental change when I did Chest and Back tonight and it showed in numbers. For example, week 1 did 9 standard-toe push-ups which isn't bad, but the second week I dropped down to me knees and did 20 standard-knee push-ups. Today, I brought it and cranked out 10 toe push-ups and 15 knee push-ups. The same thing happened with all the exercises tonight.

I'm upset with myself for not putting all my effort into the exercises from the start and although it's a good thing I realize what I can do, I'm hoping I get my mindset right every time I get ready to bring it. Luckily I figured this out in week 3 and not Phase 3! How mad would I have been with that?!

Enough ranting... I absolutely love Tony and the kids and this fabulous program he produced. When I first starting using Beach Body product, I promised myself I would get more than two or three and just rotate them... I already have ChaLean Extreme, Turbo Jam, and P90X AND I'm going to get Shaun T's Insanity when it comes out... so that's four products already... but I want more Tony!!! I'll have to make the next program a reward for reaching a fitness goal or something.


Heather said...

You could get P90X plus for more Tony. I also hear that his one on one workouts are great.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about Tony's One on One's too..... I would imagine the Plus would be a good addition and knowing myself I will probably get those and rotate them through my routine for this 90 days.

Jay :)