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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 65 of CLX

Today was CLX Burn Intervals (BI) and Ab Burner. I decided to switch it up and do Ab Burner and Ab Extreme before I do BI because I don't like lying down on my carpet all sweaty to do my ab workout. Anyway, started out great and got through most of the ab workout, which is saying a lot because when I started CLX two months ago I could barley keep up with the program. It's amazing to see such strides in such a little time. Anyway, took a 10 minute break to call a friend after I did both Ab workouts and got ready for BI. Started out awesome and full of energy, but once I hit the 30 minute mark, it was like someone turned off my switch! I had no energy to finish up the last 18 minutes of the dvd. What's going on? I ate breakfast about 3 hours prior to working out like I normally do, but for some reason today I just couldn't go on. I just stopped the dvd and decided to take a nice long walk in the afternoon, but I fell asleep after lunch for 2 hours!

I'm hoping I just needed some rest and hopefully when I do Lean Circuit 2 tomorrow I can really bring it.

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