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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P90X Day 13: Rest Day; diet: Y

Today was my rest day and it was well needed. I can't believe I'm already almost two weeks into P90X... it feels like I just started last week. As far as the weights go, I think I really need to lift heavier and less reps. Right now I do about 15 reps but I want to bring that down to max out at 12 at the most, but aim for 10 reps. Right in the middle of giving me muscle and leaning out (is it even possible to do both?). When I do Shoulders and Arms again (this coming Sunday), I'll totally see what can be done. I'm not feeling the muscle soreness after my sessions, but that's not unusual for me because I normally don't. I feel like I'm lifting to exhaustion, but think I really need to focus on fully concentrating and PUSHING MYSELF to the point that I'm uncomfortable. Not with pain, but with my limit. I am extremely eager to get results and I KNOW I can do it. Time, effort, and proper nutrition is all I need.

As Tony says, "Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my body."


Jade said...

Excellent work Annie!

Jamee said...

Hi! Your blog is very inspirational :)

How do you get the calendar at the top of the page??

Annie said...

Hi Jamee,

I had to make it with the HTML gadget. Not sure who to explain it, but just use the gadget, put in the numbers of days and then link those days to your blog.

John said...

Way to bring it Annie. Noticed the comment on my blog post. You need to ditch that ice cream. Just like someone with a lot of debt needs to cut up the credit cards, you need to do a pantry, fridge and freezer purge of all the junk!

Its simple, just not easy!


Nicole said...

Way to go Annie!
I used the P90X program a year or so ago and LOVED it! It really made a difference in my physique and I know it will do the same for you if you stick with it:) I just finished ChaLean Xtreme last month and had fantastic results from that program too. Thanks for checking out my blog, good luck to you on your fitness adventure!

The Fitness Freak

Anonymous said...

Keep Bringing It Annie!