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Monday, April 20, 2009

Meeting Dallas Carter and Shakeology!

On another note, I'm hoping to meet Dallas Carter this weekend! He was one of two Million Dollar Body winners this year and he's from my home-town! I was talking to a local Beachbody coach that I just met and found out that we are both going to be at the same local exhibit this weekend. How cool would that be to meet him?! There's going to be a bunch of people there giving out samples of Shakeology and selling some products so I'm hoping to pick up a bag for myself since I've wanted to try it.

I'm going to be helping a friend work a booth at the exhibit so I hope I have time to walk around and find the Beachbody team!

1 comment:

Jade, Half of Me said...

Ooo, tell me how you like the Shakeology! The green one looks scary :) Have fun!