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Saturday, April 25, 2009

No P90X today but I tried Shakeology!

Today I was pretty busy and had to help a friend work an expo tonight so I skipped out on my workout tonight... Shoulder and Arms. Don't worry, I'm going to bring it twice tomorrow... Shoulder and Arms in the morning and then Yoga X at night.

At the expo there was a booth of P90Xer's and some Beach Body coaches (one of the reasons why I went to the expo) and they were giving out samples of Shakeology. That was perfect because I didn't know which flavor to get. Well I liked the chocolate one better than the greenberry, but I'm thinking I'm going to alternate between the two flavors every month. I'm going to place my order tomorrow and can't wait till it gets in! Dallas Carter was suppose to be there too, but I didn't see him. It's okay... met other coaches and had a nice time talking to them.

Tonight's blog is short because I'm so tired right now. Gonna stay up for a little bit more then it's off to la-la land for me.

Oh yeah... took my dreaded "before" picts today... I'm not brave enough to post them but I had to take them or I knew I would regret it later. Maybe I'll post them in a couple of months when I look a little better.

Good night...

1 comment:

Jade, Half of Me said...

I'm tempted to try Shakeology - maybe I'll use that as my reward after surviving my first 30 days of P90X!

And no worries about the before pics - they're your starting point and you're only gonna get better from here!