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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before and After

... or should I say Before and During

2000: Me during high school... all 115 lbs. of me!
**Notice that 115 lbs. for me isn't all that skinny... it's cause I'm short!

Sept. 2006: Gaining weight...
??? lbs.

Feb. 2008: Almost at my biggest...
??? lbs.

Sept. 2008: At my biggest and when I decided I had it!
176+ lbs.

Dec. 2008: Lost some weight but still feel like I needed a reverse-warning for that wide load.
158 lbs.

July 2009: So taking pictures underwater is the secret to making you look amazing... even when your body isn't amazing yet. This picture is not retouched and I had to post it cause DAMN, I WISH I LOOKED LIKE THAT! The bubbles and buoyancy of the water just make fat 'disappear'. BTW, this is the first time I wore a two-piece without shorts!
142 lbs.

Aug. 2009: Just got back from the gym.
137 lbs.

 Jan. 2012: Happy New Year!  Little over three years into this journey and back at my 'fighting' weight after a 20 lbs. gain at the end of 2010.
135 lbs.


Anonymous said...

You look great! I'm trying to lose 20 pounds, and need some motivation. Looking at your pictures lets me know it can be done. I'm at my heaviest wieght and I never thought it would be this difficult. Thanks for the inspiration.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

It's totally doable! You've taken the first step by realizing you want to change so that's a big deal! Good luck!

Julie Butts said...

Thank you for sharing workout journey. You should think about becoming a Beachbody Coach. http://BeachBodyCoach.com/juliebutts I love Beachbody. I've completed P90X, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, some of Tony Horton's One on Ones and am in week 4 of Chalene Extreme. My journey is posted at http://JustGetMeFit.com Keep pressing play and inspiring women everywhere. You look great! Julie

Ken said...

Wow, amazing results. Keep it up!

MeMe said...

You are a true inspiration and all those recipes. I just created a blog myself (memesp90xjourney).

I lost 50 pounds myself ... put 10 back on and started p90x January 18, 2010.

I think this comes up under hubby's log in .. (LOL).


IslandWarrior808 said...

Found your blog via twitter, glad to see some more people from Hawaii using Beachbody Products and it looks like you are doing very well, very inspirational!! I'm doing the Insanity program and then Ill do a hybrid P90X \ Insanity program afterwards I'm trying to meet a goal of 215 \ 220 pounds by September.


Trip or Treats said...

Wow, I just chanced upon your blog and must admit, I'm impressed with your determination! That's sooooo cool that you now look great and fit! Now you're back and banging!


PhluffyPrincess said...

i absolutely love this post! it is so inspiring...and i NEED to take an underwater shot this summer! lol.

brn said...

HOTTIE! =P You look amazing!!

Feral Female said...

Oh my Annie, you're SO skinny!!

Jill said...

Good for you!!