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Friday, December 16, 2011

It always goes to sh*t!

I know it happens to everyone and I know how to keep it from happening to me but I still do it.  Why does one bad food decision cause the rest of the day to go to sh*t?

The other day was the office holiday party and I went in SUPER confident.  I signed up to bring a tray of fresh veggies - because no one signed up to bring anything remotely healthy - so no matter what was served, I had something I could fill up on and still be on track.

Started the day strong.  I woke up, had my normal breakfast and didn't pack my mid-morning snack (which I usually eat at 10:30ish since the party was at 11), got tons of work done in the morning, then it was party time.

Filled my plate with veggies, brown rice, steamed Chinese white fish (!!), and sauteed shrimp.  I was allowing myself to eat anything I wanted but only if I wanted it REALLY bad.  I didn't, so I stayed clear of all the fried foods: chicken, eggplant, gyoza, rice, and noodles.

Or at least I did on my first round of food.

After I was done eating my first plate, I walked around and did the polite talk-to-all-your-coworkers-and-pretend-you-like-them-cause-it's-the-holidays bit but I was still hungry.  Headed over to make my second plate and before I knew it, I was carrying back a plate full of fried rice, noodles, sushi, fried chicken and gyoza.

At this point it's already in my head that today is shot to sh*t so "What the hell?" I'll have some dessert too.

Kahlua rum cake, butter mochi, and two chocolate drop cookies.  @$%*!!!!!

When I went home I was already feeling so guilty about everything I ate.  I even planned ahead for dinner and had the crock-pot cooking my healthy eats but noooooooo! Day's already ruined so might as well eat out and stuff my face with sushi.

Why is it so hard to just leave it at one bad meal?  Why does it ALWAYS have to carry over and ruin the entire day?

1 comment:

Kyle Gershman said...

Ah yes...the classic battle of food addiction. Alcoholics can't have just have a glass of wine at the party and drug abusers can't take a bong hit either. Food addiction can be just as powerful.

Thankfully, the effects from a binge day aren't nearly as disastrous as that an alcoholic or druggie might face, but it is the emotional versus physical toll that hurts the most.

Celebrate the strength of returning to the wagon the next day...each moment of each day is a choice and your only frustration should be if you stop making the good choices altogether.