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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's starting to look like Christmas

Welcome to Monday again!

This past weekend was filled with holiday doings.  We started out Saturday morning bright and early and met our friends at The Original Pancake House for breakfast.  I don't have pictures but just imagine a plate full of warm, buttery silver-dollar sized pancakes.  Like a kid, I asked if I could turn my boring regular pancakes into dollar-sized ones... so much more fun to eat!

After breakfast, we went Christmas tree shopping.

I'm dreaming of a purple Christmas! This tree isn't the one we bought and if flocking (spraying the tree with "snow") wasn't so expensive, maybe we would have gotten it.

After driving around to a couple different places - trees are really cheap this year! - , we found a nice tree and went home.  We set the tree in the stand, gave it plenty of water, then went over to my parents' house to decorate gingerbread cookies.  My mom had a party to go to the next day and wanted cookies to take as favors... I think she regrets asking us to help.  Our gingerbread men weren't so Christmas-ie.

There was a sad Adam and Eve.

A decapitated cookie complete with blood.

Sexy gingerbread cookies with front AND back views.

And a ghost!

So much fun!  And I still managed to pull off all my workouts and stick to my goals.  Here's hoping to a good rest of the week!

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