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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reason 20: To take care of me

(The list of "31 Days of Reasons" is not in any particular order)

Since I was little, I've had many pets.  From fish to guinea pigs to chameleons to birds, my parents were always afraid of what I'd come home with next.  Sometimes I wouldn't even ask if I could have the animal, I would just bring it home, set up the cage, and let them "discover" my new friend.

Right now I don't have children, but my fur, feather and scaly babies get the royal treatment.  They get the best food my money can buy, exercise is top priority for them, their living areas are much bigger than what people consider normal (my guinea pig cage was 3' x 7'... in my room!) ... and I would cook for them!  Even my fish would get steamed leafy veggies and I would hunt for my chameleon's food.

They had the best of everything.

While all this was going on, I would feed myself junk food, exercise was never a priority and in no time I gained weight.  It's time I started taking care of me!

I'm on this healthy journey to put me first and take care of myself.

1 comment:

Chris Davis said...

Very true. I often think if my body was a car I wouldn't buy it knowing the history and sort of fuel it was getting. I certainly take better care of my pets then myself.