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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reason 31: To never forget

(The list of "31 Days of Reasons" is not in any particular order)

Having goals is super important on this journey but what's equally important - and sometimes forgotten - is the actual journey, itself.  How we got to where we are now, the hardships and roadblocks we've come across, and the events/people/things that make you who you are.

The journey itself is just as important as the destination we're headed to.

To help remember my journey, I'm recapping all the reasons why I'm doing this:
I'm on this healthy journey to never forget how far I've come or where I'm headed.


Dagny said...

"To never forget"...what? Your past? Living in fear of repeating the past is no way to create a positive future. Be who you've become and grow beyond who you were.

Kyle Gershman said...

You've made quite a list and a whole month of high quality introspection. You are all set for a great year. Happy New Year!