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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reason 8: So my weight doesn't control me

(The list of "31 Days of Reasons" is not in any particular order)
Looking and being overweight has made a pretty big (no pun intended) impact on what I do... especially looking overweight.  I've never been one to like attention so doing anything that could bring it my way was a definite no-no especially if it brought bad attention to me.

Even today, at 35+ lbs. less than my heaviest weight, I'm still pretty self-conscious to try any of the free fitness classes at my gym - oh, Body Pump, you call my name so loudly!  I just have it in the back of my head that the "veterans" of the class will be thinking to themselves, "Let's watch the fat girl for entertainment today."  Not that I think I'm so important that people even pay attention to me, but the thought is always there. 

I even get self-conscious walking into my favorite - yet over-priced - athletic clothing store.  One day I was shopping around and I started talking with one of the workers.  We spent a good 15 - 20 minutes talking about everything from our favorite exercises to awesome healthy eating places around the mall and at the end of the conversation, the worker mentioned that they are hiring for the holiday season and I should apply.  Her comment caught me off guard and I left the store feeling complimented and confused. Was she being sarcastic?  How could an overweight person work at a store where the clothes look the best on a toned, athletic body? 

I'm on this healthy journey to do what I want to do... no matter what.

1 comment:

Kyle Gershman said...

Yeah baby...it is about freedom...that is the ultimate achievement.