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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reason 22: To bring my sexy back

(The list of "31 Days of Reasons" is not in any particular order)

I wanna start by saying I have a GREAT boyfriend who loves me no matter what and I can't imagine life without him (I got his "okay" to write this as my Reason 22).

That being said, I would love to be at a healthy weight, fit as hell, and know I'm attractive to the opposite sex.  Not just in an attractive way, but in a "holy-hell-how-did-she-get-arms-like-those".

At my lowest weight and when I was the fittest, guys would come up to me a lot.  I made a lot of friends this way and met some great boyfriends (of course, the occasional douche bag was in there too).

Now, guys still come up to me (a lot less often) but they're usually the creepy/weird kind.  It's mean to say, but I'm not joking.  One guy approached me at the gym a couple of months ago and started to talk to me but he was so into himself.  He looked at himself in the mirror behind me about 98% of the time, casually flexing his muscles.  The other week, a guy came up to me when I was eating lunch with Anthony, stopped by our table, and just started waving at me and kept asking what my name was.  Luckily, mall security was walking by so they asked the guy to keep moving along... good thing so Anthony didn't have to say anything.

Anyway, I'm totally not looking for another boyfriend or anything like that, it would just be nice to be appreciated by guys again...

I'm on this healthy journey to bring my sexy back!


Doreen said...

Hello, I really love the way you write it's great! I totally understand what it's like to "get the sexy back"! I'm following your blog through Network Blogs. Follow me too @ www.healthwarehouse.info/Blog. You can like my page on facebook as well or follow me on Network Blogs and it will link you to my website. I'm just starting really to get readers and trying to get my site on the Map so to speak! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

Kyle Gershman said...

Nothing wrong with wanting to turn heads!