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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Runner's high... at only two miles?!


I just got back from my first "official" Great Aloha Run training session and it was awesome (I say "official" because this morning was the first training session put on by Great Aloha staff... I started training on my own since I signed up for race a couple of weeks ago).  Woke up super early...

... put on my new shoes...

... and headed to Kapiolani Park for the 6:45 training.

Last night I was dreading waking up early and going by myself (Anthony works late on Saturday nights and works Sunday morning so he wasn't going to make it),  and thought of about 50 excuses why I shouldn't go but I said SCREW IT, JUST GOOOO!!!!!!  So that's what I did.  =)

Since it was the first training session, we did a quick 2-miler and I ran with the 10 minute/mile group.  Only two miles but I felt so good after!  Runner's high after only two miles... for me it was!  Can't wait for next weeks 3-miler!


Anonymous said...

Cute shoes and good job!

Kyle Gershman said...

I'm not sure I ever got the fabled runners high even after long distances...you are fortunate..congrats!